By Rella’s Top 3
 pre-wedding hair and beauty tips

  1. Drink plenty of water leading up to your wedding date - it’s known to do wonders for your skin.

  2. Don’t try any new skincare just prior to your day. This can cause random breakouts or irritated skin. If you are wanting to get into a new skincare routine try it well well before your wedding. For example 4-6 months in advance, so that your skin has time to get used to the skincare.

  3. I recommend getting your hair trimmed and coloured (if you are a colour client) either 10-14 days prior to your wedding date. This ensures your hair is perfect and wedding ready, your ends are neat and tidy, and roots and tone of your hair are on point. If you are in need of a convenient hairdresser that comes to you, I also provide this service!

Rella’s key tips 
on how to select your bridal
hair and make-up artist

  1. It is important to note that not all hair and makeup artists have the ability to achieve any look they are given by their client and so finding an artist that specialises in your chosen wedding hair and makeup look (Glam, Natural, Boho, Modern, Quirky, Classic) will help bring your wedding dreams to life. For example, someone who only does vintage makeup with a strong winged eye liner as the focus point, with a bright red lip, paired with a very vintage victory roll hairstyle may struggle to create a very natural and relaxed hairstyle paired with a dewy and fresh makeup look, as this may not be their area of expertise.

  2. Following on from point one, it is important to see examples of an artists work before selecting them, so that you can see the quality of the work they produce as well as seeing if they have styled looks that overall vibe with the wedding look you are wanting.

  3. Personality is everything. On your wedding day, you will be spending a decent amount of time with your stylist, as he or she takes care of you and your bridal party. Therefore, it is important that you get along well with your wedding hair and makeup artist. Having a trial for your hair and makeup prior to your wedding is a great way to learn more about your stylist and see if you click.